You could purchase months seeking to these out

You could purchase months seeking to these out

There isn’t any Starbucks (or perhaps i don’t come across one), but you will find a good amount of separate appearing and you may local organizations of coffee houses within the Ulaanbaatar.

We like Restaurant Bene once we simply called for an even more westernised dinner (sandwich & an enthusiastic iced java having totally free wi-fi). Also it try truly the only place discover through the Naadam.

Eat Buuz and you can Khuushuur

Those two Mongolian dinners is delicious and you may a necessity consume whenever you are on your trip when you look at the Ulaanbaatar. They are also really cheap thereby high whenever you are travelling into the a funds!

Buuz is actually an excellent Mongolian cooked dumpling filled up with animal meat (usually minced mutton or meat). Its towards the menus on of many Mongolian cafes and you may Ulaanbaatar restaurants. We actually attempted vegan ones (find lower than) for the all of our first night when you look at the UB. (more…)