How to make an app like Tinder or maybe even a more successful one?

How to make an app like Tinder or maybe even a more successful one?

How to make an app like Tinder that allows users to undo their swiping mistakes? If you are building an app like Tinder, make sure to allow users to undo wrong swipes. Most applications, including Tinder, only provide this feature for Premium users to entice non-paying customers to join with a subscription. Due to the repetitiveness of swiping, sometimes users swipe left instead of right and miss out on a matching opportunity. The swipe undoing function allows users to go back and change their swipes.

Social Media Integration

Besides registration via social media platforms, this integration can help users meet more people in their nearby surroundings. Many dating apps offer access to friends of your social media network which is a more secure date selection as users have at least one mutual friend with them. Another inquiry that can be solved with social media integration is avoiding your previous relationships. How to create a dating app that helps people avoid their exes? Another advantage of social media integration is the feature that allows users to exclude some candidates from the pool. For example, colleagues, exes, relatives, etc., users can choose people that they do not want to see on the app. You can also add them to your blacklist using their phone numbers.

Account Verification

If you would like to know how to make a dating app that offers a high level of security, add account verification. Although it is recommended not to force account verification right away, it should take place soon after the registration to ensure a higher grade of security. (more…)