Conservation District

Conservation Districts and their Purpose:

To protect and preserve neighborhoods like Greenland Hills, one of the tools municipalities like Dallas use to maintain and enhance such neighborhoods is by establishing Conservation Districts. The goal of establishing a Conservation District is to conserve an area’s distinctive atmosphere or character by protecting or enhancing its significant architectural or cultural attributes.

What this means to the Homeowners of Greenland Hills:

Any work that alters the exterior appearance of a Greenland Hills home will require the homeowner to submit a Conservation District Work Review [CDWR] for various scopes of work, including exterior work on the lot that may not necessarily require a building permit. The CDWR application is a separate process from the building permit application and is reviewed by Planning & Urban Design Staff. The application process is electronic. Review the “About Us” section of the Planning and Urban Design page. Look for “Project Box” to complete a CDWR submission.

Examples of the Types of Work that Require CD Approvals:

How CD 9 is Enforced:

Even if the work is appropriate and meets the Conservation District guidelines, the homeowner must submit for the CDWR and be granted approvals. The penalty for not securing approvals can result in a fine not to exceed $2,000 per day per offense.

Code Compliance is the City of Dallas department which enforces the Conservation District guidelines.

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