Answers to common questions about the neighborhood association, membership, the conservation district, city services and resident responsibilities.


When and where are neighborhood meetings held?
The GHNA board members regularly meet once a month. The GHNA hosts two annual public meetings each year: the annual all-neighborhood meeting in September and the annual Member meeting in April. These GHNA meetings are held at Unity on Greenville [3425 Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX 75206]. Watch the events page for details.

I am not a member yet. Can I still subscribe to receive the electronic newsletter?
Yes. At least once a quarter the GHNA distributes an email update to all subscribers. Simply tap this link to be added to our email.

I would like to volunteer. What are some ways I can help my neighborhood association?
The GHNA is solely powered by its volunteers. There are short term needs including helping with different events, to year-round needs like being a Block Captain, graphics design and web management, as well as legal and finance roles or even joining the board! To find out what our current needs are, email ghna@mstreets.org.


What is the membership dues amounts and when should I pay for my household?
The GHNA annual membership dues are $30. The Crime Watch membership program annual dues are $225. Residents ( both homeowners and renters) benefit from joining these memberships. Dues can be submitted any time of the year. The renewal period for annual dues is the first quarter of the year. Mid-Year memberships are appreciated as they increase each respective annual budget for GHNA activities and ENP program. Mid-year dues are not prorated. Tap on “Membership” above to learn more.

How do I request a pair of reflective “M” auto decals for my household?
The infamous “M” sticker is complimentary with every membership. These stickers support neighborhood safety by aiding our ENP to recognize the vehicles that belong to Greenland Hills residents. Look for the order link in your Membership Confirmation Email. If you need replacements, email ghna@mstreets.org.

How and who do I alert when I witness suspicious activity? Will the police come when I call?

ANY SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY should be reported immediately with a 9-1-1 call. The police will take it from there, alerting all on-duty police in the area, including Crime Watch ENP officers. WHEN the GH ENP officer is on patrol in Greenland Hills, they will be the first-responder to suspicious activity calls.
Additionally you can inform your Block Captain, or if your block is without a captain, email both crimewatch@mstreets.org and ghna@mstreets.org of concerns, disturbances or ongoing situations.

My taxes already pay for DPD. Why should I pay into Crime Watch?
Our collective dues to the Crime Watch program are used to pay off-duty police officers for extended neighborhood patrol hours which supplement the routine Dallas Police Department regular beat patrols. To maximize the number of hours our ENP spends on our streets, we need to maintain a strong Crime Watch membership. We want our neighborhood to have the reputation among criminals that it’s the least favorable place in the city to commit crime.

Is my membership payment tax deductible?
Contribu­tions to the Greenland Hills Neighborhood Association [GHNA], a section 501(c)(4) organization, generally are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. They may be deductible as trade or business expenses, if ordinary and necessary in the conduct of the taxpayer’s business.


Is Greenland Hills a Conservation District?
Greenland Hills is a time capsule! The homes built from 1920-1940 are examples of special architecture styles including Tudor, Craftsman Bungalow, Neo Colonial, Spanish Eclectic, Minimal Traditional, and Contemporary. At the time of submitting the application in 2001, 65% of the homes in Greenland Hills were Tudor Revival. In fact Greenland Hills may be the largest preserved Tudor Revival neighborhood in North America!

Can I renovate, remodel or build new construction in Greenland Hills?
To conserve and preserve, Greenland Hills was approved as a City of Dallas Conservation District [ M Streets: CD 9]. The original plan and the 2013 update provide the guidance on proceeding with remodeling, renovations and new home constructions to ensure it is done in a manner compatible with the architectural style of the original home. Permits are required for most activities and fines can be costly. For more information visit Planning & Urban Design Conservation Districts (dallascityhall.com).

I have questions about applying for a permit. How can I get help?
Currently the City is offering Pop Up Permit Saturdays usually the third Saturday of each month. For the schedule, tap HERE.


How do I obtain free trees for my yard from the city?

The City of Dallas has two annual free tree programs to watch out for.

  1. Branch Out Dallas provides homeowners a tree for the front, back or side yard https://dallascityhall.com/departments/waterutilities/Pages/branch-out-dallas.aspx
  2. City of Dallas offers a Parkway Tree Program: the city of Dallas has, in different years, coordinated the allocation of a select species of parkway trees to Greenland Hills homeowners. The schedule to receive and plant is usually in the fall. Email ghna@mstreets.orgto inquire for the current year.

Who is responsible for the upkeep of the alley behind my house?

Each resident is responsible for keeping the portion of the alley directly behind their house free of debris, including trash, weeds or growth above 12 inches tall and anything that obstructs the view or passage of a vehicle (namely patrolling police) . Not only does overgrowth promote habitats for wild animals, but overgrowth can provide a hiding spot for criminals. Alleys must have 15 feet of overhead clearance.

Who is responsible for the upkeep of my parkway?

Each resident is responsible for maintaining the “Parkway” or street right-of-way, which is the strip of land between the sidewalk and the street. For most folks this just means including this strip when mowing your grass. If there is groundcover or flowers planted there, they must be weeded and maintained to keep them from being overgrown and free of trash and debris as well. For trees planted on parkways, please recognize clearance requirements: sidewalks must have a height clearance of 8 feet while the street side must have 15 feet of overhead clearance.

Who is responsible for fixing the sidewalk in front or on the side of my house?

A City of Dallas homeowner is responsible for keeping the sidewalk on their property free of obstruction and maintained. The City partners with residents to share the cost 50/50 for existing residential sidewalk removal and replacement. There are a number of contractors that work with the neighborhood and the city to help keep the cost of replacement to a minimum. For more information and how to access the program visit:


Could I be fined for lawn debris in the city street?

The City of Dallas prohibited the discharge of garbage, rubbish and yard waste into the storm drain and storm water system. Homeowners and businesses may be held responsible for violations made by commercial landscapers they employ.


What is Big Bulk Trash Days and when are these days:

The City of Dallas Sanitation Department provides the pick up of Brush and Bulky items once a month. For Greenland Hills it is currently the second full week of the month. Items may be placed out for collection beginning the Thursday before. To obtain the schedule for your residence, request and schedule an oversized pick up, or to find out what is not acceptable for collections visit:


If I need to report a missed garbage collection, pothole, GHNA lamp or street lights out, graffiti, dead animal in the street, fallen tree in the streets or other non-emergency issues, how do I request the City of Dallas to assist or handle?

Dallas 311is the City of Dallas’ customer service support center designed to help residents resolve non-emergency issues around their neighborhood. 311 receives and inputs Service Requests, which are then relayed to the appropriate department for it to get resolved and provide status updates as necessary.

Dial 311 (within the city limits) or 214-670-3111

Online: https://dallascrm.force.com/public/servicetypes

OurDallas Mobile App: https://dallascityhall.com/services/311/Pages/Mobile-App-FAQs.aspx

Who is my city representative?

Greenland Hills is a neighborhood within the boundaries of District 14. Paul Ridley is our current City Council representative. For contact information, FAQs, district maps and more, go to the Dallas City Council District 14.

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